Newstone Construction Services.

  1. • Tarmacadam
  2. • Block Paving
  3. • Surface Dressing
  4. • Resin Bound Aggregates
  5. • Rubber Crumb
  6. • Driveway Repair
  7. • Patios
  8. • Paths
  9. • Garden Walls
  10. • Retaining Walls
  11. • Drainage (all Types)
  12. • Reconditioning & Power Washing
  13. • Artifical Lawns

Resin Bound Aggregates

Resin bound porous paving uses modern technology, combining a clear odourless polyurethane with highly decorative natural aggregates especially prepared for this application. The stone and aliphatic

( UV-Stable) resin are mixed in a force action mixer, then the mixed resin bound material is applied and float finished to leave a smooth stone matrix finish without loose stones.

The application is rapid with up to 200 square metres being applied in a day. The resin bound is laid at 12mm-15mm for light traffic, for example, pedestrians and between 18mm-24mm for other vehicles. Curing times will depend on the temperature, however, you can usually walk on the finished surface within 4 hours, overnight is generally advised by the installation team.


Car parks, heritage sites, swimming pool surrounds, driveways, footpaths, gardens, barbecue areas, patios and balconies. The aesthetically pleasing finish can be used for domestic, industrial and commercial use with a wide range of aggregates and colours. There are local granites, quartz, flints and recycled glass to choose from.

If your driveway is starting to look a bit worn out and dated, don’t take it up, just let us overlay your existing driveway with this product if the substrate is sound. If you’re looking for a porous suds regulated parking pad in your garden, don’t despair with planning permission as this surfacing is Suds compliant due to the make-up of the structure being 803 mot compacted stone, open texture tarmac and a wearing/surface course of resin bound. It can also be laid over tarmac / asphalt and concrete.

This resin system is a modern and versatile alternative to conventional paving. So if your slabs or bricks in your back garden or driveway are looking old and dated, save the hassle of removing them, let us over lay them and revive a barbecue area into a weed free, decorative and contempory eating area.

The resin bound porous system is assessed as non –hazardous to health or the environment. The long service life and seamless surface reduces the need for repairs, maintenance and cleaning, we can provide a 7 year guarantee on this product


Rubber Crumb

Wet Rour:

Wet Rour surfacing is a system created on site by mixing rubber granules with a polyurethane resin using our forced action mixer. Once mixed, the wet rubber is poured and leveled using purposely designed tools.

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer):

EPDM recycled rubber is the material we use for this specialised surfacing. This impact-absorbing material is porous and resilient over a wide temperature range while making a safe environment. It comes in many colours with black being the lowest in cost. We can install any desired graphics or designs.

CFH. (Critical fall height):

This is the maximum height of fall from childrens playing equipment to the ground. This information is important to us so we can determine the total depth of the safe rubber playing pad. The close knit texture of the coloured surface is really only a wearing course or surface layer to the shock pad.


The shockpad is what gives the finished rubber surface its soft spongy feel under foot. The depth of the shockpad also depends on the CFH, meaning the higher the fall the more SBR rubber is used. SBR rubber granuals are made from recycled tyres, the granuals are 6mm-10mm.


Sub-Base or foundation layer will comprise of MOT Type 1 or similar approved graded aggregated compacted to line and levels to a minimum of 100mm thick compacted and, depending on site conditions, a maximum of 300mm compacted.
Newstone Construction have also installed rubber crumb for its porous anti-slip bare foot friendly finish to slippery decking boards, around swimming pools and into play areas in back gardens as well as the obvious parks, schools, nurseries and elderly people’s homes.


So let us bring this high performance, green, recycled environmental solution to your project. Depending on your requirements most jobs under 150m2 will be completed in a day with minimum disruption.


• Environmentally sound - re-using tyres.
• Versatile - can be overlayed on a worn out soft play area.
• No settlement and movement.
• Keeps clean- power washable.
• Seamless finish.
• Wide range of colours available for bright and fun finishes.
• Can be applied direct onto existing sub-base, tarmac or concrete.


Block Paving

  • Many years of experience in all types of paving - Tarmac, Block Paving and Concrete whatever your surfacing needs or requirements our surveyors will give you guidance and advice on the design, layout and technical aspects of the installation, assisting you with the choices that you have to ensure that we meet your exact specification. From our wide range of products we can offer you unique designs, patterns, colours and using our creativity we cater for each and every style of home, whether it be modern, traditional or contemporary.



While driveways are more of a necessity, patios are more of a commodity for entertaining and outdoor living. A quality patio will add value to your home. Patios can be complemented by new fencing, decking, planting schemes, landscaping, paths and gravelling, all of which we can provide within our services. For all of our patios we use tried and tested materials from trusted companies such as natural paving, Brett, Marshalls and Bradstone.


Whatever the requirements we are experienced hand lay tarmacers that are able to take on the tricky more difficult jobs a machine just can not get to like driveways, footpaths we also specialise in larger projects such as playgrounds and car parks.

The Surfaces We Lay:

Wearing course/top layer The final surface depends on the traffic flow so for light traffic (pedestrians ) we put down a 6mm lime stone and we use a 10mm or 14mm hardstone road repairs, driveways, industrial estates, foot paths, cycle tracks, highway maintenance, pothole car parks, forecourts and private areas.

Base/Binder Course Tarmacadam:

This is a 20mm or up to a 30mm aggregate based tarmacadam which is strong and used as a road base and can be put in different thicknesses / layers to built a sound base to your road or drive and then rolled into position.

Open Grade Tarmacadam:

This is a surfacing material that can be put down over a hardcore base or an open grade base tarmacadam to allow a good percentage of the stormwater to run through the surface. This surfacing has been developed to comply with SUDS regulations and is used in conjunction with our resin bound porous paving to create a complete porous system. This material is still rolled smooth but leaves a open texture finish so the finished surface is never compromised.

S.M.A. (Stone mastic Asphalt):

SMA is a refined tarmacadam mix which has fibres added to the mix to enhance its wearing and durability (more expensive but it can be worth it). Each individual layer whether it is hardcore or tarmacadam is compacted / rolled into place to suit and the edges sealed with a jointing sealant to finish.


Power Washing

Power washing is a great way to achieve a rejuvenated look by removing slimy patches, dirt, stains, moss and algae. It can also prevent your paths from becoming slippery in the winter months. We can clean your paths, patios, walls, fences, decking, pavements, driveways, slabs, block paving, stone slabs, garden furniture, monuments... even conservatories.


* Newstone construction uses recycled products and materials when possible and all our products and services come with a full guarantee.

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